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Admission of Foreign Students
to Vancouver Public School

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Procedure for Admission of Foreign Students (International Visa Students) to Vancouver Public School

Foreign students on Langara Campus (235x194) A system will be established by the Superintendent of Schools to evaluate all applications from international students for admission to schools under the jurisdiction of the Board by the end of May for admission in the following September, and by end of November for admission in the following February in semestered schools.

For the purpose of these regulations, an international student shall be deemed to be a person of school age as defined in the School Act of the Province of British Columbia, residing outside of Canada at the time of the application for admission, and requiring a student authorization to enter the country.

A list of selected schools shall be made available to prospective students and application must be made for September or February entry.

Students who have been accepted will receive a letter of confirmation identifying the appropriate school by the end of May for September entry.

Final Acceptance

Airplane and passport (198x192) Final acceptance into the school will occur when the student submits a student authorization from the Federal Government. Students will be advised to arrive in Vancouver by mid-August to allow enough time to find appropriate housing and make some cultural adjustments.

In order for international students to obtain a student authorization from the Federal Government, they must:

  • submit to the immigration office in their home country a receipt for tuition fees paid to the Board,
  • prove they have sufficient funds to maintain themselves for one year (usually approximately $10,000), and
  • in most cases, be expected to pass a medical examination.

The schools will receive an updated list of all accepted and confirmed students.

It appears to be advantageous if the students come for two years so they can remain in Canada over the summer if their fees are paid and they have received a student authorization for the coming year. Students would be advised of this when their letter of confirmation is sent.


When the students apply, they will be given a list of schools that are available. Then the students will submit a list of priorities. Depending on available space, the Board will generally try to oblige the request.

A list of the secondary schools with space for international students must be updated for each term for placement purposes.

Applications should be centralized.

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Schools must meet minimum requirements before they qualify to add international students to their enrolment; examples of these requirements would include approval of staff, receptive principal, available space, appropriate courses, support in counselling and English as a Second Language (ESL) services, and a contact person.

In addition, each school should establish a maximum of international students in order to enhance the provision of basic services required.

In December of the previous year, principals would be asked to indicate whether or not schools have available space to accommodate international students and, if so, how many students they would accept.

Adjustments regarding staffing would be made during each summer, if necessary.


Java Bean mascot (55x68) Fees are based on the cost of providing an education to an individual student and are set by the Secretary-Treasurer on behalf of the Board in accordance with the School Act.

In the past, the fees ranged from $7,000 to $11,000. Please remember that the prices are in general rising year by year. Therefore, you should expect your fee toward the higher end.

Even though the schools are operated by the public funds, there are no reasons why the fees of the public schools are less expensive than those of private schools unless you are a taxpayer. In case the education is financed by borrowed money, the financial charge might be added to the fee.

In this regard, you might as well take a look at the fees of a private school for your reference. As an example, one of the private schools charges $14,300 to a foreign student for the school year 2002-2003.

Please contact the Vancouver school board for further information.

TEL: (604) 713-5000


For the admission requirements for the school year (September 2002 — June 2003), please click the above link.


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